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2.0mm Pitch Stamped Pin Headers, Sockets & Mini Jumpers, 2mm Hard Metric Compact Pci Connectors - Pressfit


2.0mm Pitch Stamped & Formed Pin Headers Unshrouded- no Latch Extended headers and custom variants available Contact us for details
2mm Single Row Straight  Pin Headers WP2524 series
2mm Single Row Right Angle Pin Headers WP2525 series
2mm Dual Row Straight & Dual Row Body Straight WP2522 series
2mm Dual Row Right Angle Pin Headers  WP2523 series


2.0mm Pitch Stamped & Formed  Sockets (No Latches) Top Entry
2 mm Pitch 4.5mm Body Height Females Single & Double Row B13 series
2mm Pitch 4.5mm Body Height Females Single Row  *Preferred Style supplied WP2254 series
2mm Pitch 4.5mm Body Height  Females Double Row  *Preferred style Supplied WP2252 series


2.0mm Pitch Stamped & Formed, Sockets(No Latches) Side Entry
2mm Pitch 4.2mm Body Height Females Double Row side entry B14 series
2.0mm Mini Jumpers
2mm Mini Jumpers / Shorting Links 2546-07 series
2.0mm Hard Metric Compact Pci Connectors   
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Din 41612 and Compact Pci  Connectors

025 (2.54mm) Pitch Pin Headers, Sockets, Mini-jumpers 

1.27mm Pitch Pin Headers, & Sockets including turned Pin

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