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 Board to Board Connectors

Din 41612 including Wire Wrap & Pressfit,  2mm Pressfit Compact Pci Hardmetric, 025 (2.54mm Pitch) Pin Headers - through board, Sil, Dil, triple Row, Smt, Mini-jumpers, Shorting links, 2.54mm Pin Headers, Females -various heights, Vertical, Right Angle, Side Entry, Bottom Entry, 2.54mm Turned Pin Headers & Sockets, - including Pressfit, Wire Wrap Turned Pin Females, 1.27 Pitch Pin Headers & Sockets, 2mm Pitch Pin Headers, Sockets, & Mini Jumpers.

Stacking Connectors, Headers, Sockets, 025, 2mm, 1.27mm,  (5.08 Pitch, also available) Extended Headers 'Custom Variants' available.

Please Call/Fax us if what you are looking for is not here

Din 41612 and Compact Pci  Connectors


025 (2.54mm) Pitch Pin Headers, Sockets, Mini-jumpers 


1.27mm Pitch Pin Headers, & Sockets including turned Pin


2mm  Pitch Pin Headers, Sockets, Mini-jumpers  


0.2" (2.54mm) Pitch Pin Headers

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