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WP2544 Series
0.100" Ctr Un-shrouded Header Strip; Single Row

Contact: Phosphor Bronze
Contact Plating: Gold or Tin over 0.000100" Nickel Underplating
Insulator: PBT & 30% glass fiber reinforced thermo plastic; rated UL94V-O
Insulator Color: Black
Mini Jumper: 2546 Series

Current Rating: 3 Amp Max.
Contact Resistance: 20 Milliohms. Max.
Insulation Resistance: 5000 Megohms Min. DC 500V
Dielectric Strength: 1000V AC
Operation Temperature: -55
oC to +140oC

Ordering Part Number
WP2544 - - [][] [] xx.x / yy.y Custom Variants Available
Series Number Number of Positions Contact Plating
[ 1 thru 40 pins ] T: 0.000150" Tin     Standard Option From Stock
G: 0.000005" Gold  Standard Option From Stock
F: 0.0 00010" Gold
E: 0.000015" Gold
D: 0.000030" Gold

Part No Example:  WP2544-40G-03.0/11.5   
refers to 1 x 40Way Gold Pin Header (A=3mm Below body) (B = 11.5mm Overall Length of Pin) 

(C=Length of mating Pin above body)


Dimensions (mm)


[ 2.54 x No. of Pos. ] - 2.54


2.54 x No. of Pos.



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