BNC Cable Fixing

Plug to Plug Assemblies

CP6BCP6BB058-1000 RG58C/U, 1.0m 50 ohm 3GHz
CP6BCP6BB058-3000 RG58C/U, 3.0m 50 ohm 3GHz
CP6BCP6BB058-5000 RG58C/U, 5.0m 50 ohm 3GHz
CP6BCP6BB059-1000 RG59B/U, 1.0m 75 ohm 1GHz
CP6BCP6BB059-3000 RG59B/U, 3.0m 75 ohm 1GHz
CP6BCP6BB059-5000 RG59B/U, 5.0m 75 ohm 1GHz
CP6BCP6BB174-500 RG174A/U, 0.5m 50 ohm 1GHz
CP6BCP6BB174-1000 RG174A/U, 1.0m 50 ohm 1GHz
CP6BCP6BB179-500 RG179B/U, 0.5m 75 ohm 1GHz
CP6BCP6BB179-1000 RG179B/U, 1.0m 75 ohm 1GHz
See page 59 for wider choice of cable assemblies.

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