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Series 850 PCB connectors 1.27 mm Single row / double row Surface mount

Ultra-miniature PCB pin connectors, surface mount Grid spacing 1.271.27 mm Pin connectors with screw-machined pin

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Platings Sleeve Clip Pin Ordering information replace xxx with the number of poles, e.g. 852-10-xxx-30-001 for a double row version with 8 pins per row becomes: 852-10-016-30-001




    0.25        Au
5       Sn Pb
connector: single row, parallel mount
Availability from: 1 to 50 contacts  Standard number of contacts 25 and 50


SMD pin connector: single and double row, perpendicular mount
Availability from:3 to 50 contacts  Standard number of contacts 25 and 50


SMD pin connector:  double row, perpendicular mount
Availability from:4 to 100 contacts  Standard number of contacts 4 and 100

SMD pin connector: double row with 2.54 mm row to row distance, perpendicular mount
Availability from: 4 to 100 contacts Standard number of contacts 100On request with positioning pins


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