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Series 999 
 Male or Female

Series 999 jumpers are available With insulators in various colors for easier identification Male version will fit standard receptacles; female version with open or closed body fits square pin headers

77.jpg (15770 bytes)

Platings Sleeve Clip Pin Ordering information Replace xx with required 
plating code
Applies to jumpers for square 
pin headers only
Option: Wire dia 0.50 mm 
instead of 0.56 mm. 
Change second group of figu
res into 51. 
Example: 999-11-113-10 becomes  999-51-113-10.
plies only to jumpers for receptacle connectors 
without insulator)

0.25Ám    Au
0.75Ám    Au
5Ám     Sn Pb
Platings: 0.25 mm Au mm Sn Pb 999-11-110-10 999-11-110-90 999-11-210-10 999-11-210-90 999-11-210-11 999-11-210-9 Jumpers for receptacle 
tors. B = 2.54 mm Insulator:
 none black red
Platings: 0.25 mm Au mm Sn Pb 999-11-112-10 999-11-112-90 999-11-220-10 999-11-220-90 999-11-220-11 999-11-220-91 Jumpers for receptacle
tors. B = 5.08 mm Insulator: none black red
Platings: 0.25 mm Au mm Sn Pb 999-11-113-10 999-11-113-90 999-11-230-10 999-11-230-90 999-11-230-11 999-11-230-91 Jumpers for receptacle 
tors. B = 7.62 mm Insulator: none black red
Body style Open body Closed body 999-xx-310-00 999-xx-210-00 999-xx-310-02 999-xx-210-02 999-xx-310-06 999-xx-210-06 Female jumpers for 2.54 mm square pin headers: 
red blue

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