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Series 301 Terminal block, low 10 mm profile, front wire & top screw

PCB terminal block designed small (only 10 mm high), that can help if space is a problem. Available in 5 or 10mm pitch. Moulded in 2- and 3-pole blocks which dovetail together to give larger numbers of poles. We deliver pre-assembled blocks to the number of poles you require. There is a wire guard for wire protection, so that the screw doesn't press directly on the wire.
PCB Screw	Terminal Block Series 301
Rating, Resistance to Tracking 16A per way maximum, KB 380
Typical Mechanical and
Electrical Specifications
Rated Voltage VDE0110 Clamp range
sq mm
Group A Group B Wire guard No wire guard
5 mm 250 125 1.5 2.5
10 mm 380 250 1.5 2.5
Plastic Material
Black or blue glass-filled polyester (UL 94 VO)
Metallic Parts Tin-plated brass contact (metal housing)
Steel galvanized and chromatized screw M2.6x4.5
Wire guard Cu Sn 6, Tin-plated solder tail
Operating & Soldering Temperature -T33 Celsius to +T120 Celsius, T260 Celsius 5 secs max
Approvals UL E 124838 (S)
Marking None; 1 to 100; A to Z; custom (specify when ordering). Can be labelled, printed or hot-foiled

Technical Drawing

Dimensions of Series 301

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(A Division of Westfield Distribution Limited)
Tel: +44 (0)1488 685183   Email:  sales@westfield.co.uk   Fax:  +44 (0)1488 685430
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