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PA350WF  Miniaturised terminal block, pitch 3.81 mm
Miniaturised PCB terminal block that can be joined together while maintaining constant pitch.   
PCB Screw	Terminal Block PA350
Pitch, Poles 3.81 mm, 2 & 3 poles
Rating 13.5A - 125V [16AWG 1.5 sq mm solid wire, or 18AWG 1 sq mm flexible wire]
Plastic Material Green glass-filled polyamide self-extinguishing to UL 94 VO and IEC 695-2-1 to 850 Celsius
Metallic Parts Nickeled brass insert
Phosphorous bronze plated brass solder pin
Zinc steel screw M 2x3, torque 0.4 Nm
Rated Temperature T85 Celsius
Approvals UL, CSA, SEMKO and IMQ approved
Labels Self-adhesive label of 10 symbols 1-10, 11-20, etc. 25 labels per sheet, available as separate order code

Technical Drawing

Dimensions of PA350

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(A Division of Westfield Distribution Limited)
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